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Buñuelos en miel

by Shakia Stewart

I was hoping to learn how to make Gallo Pinto in our cooking lesson today, but I think this was even better. I didn’t think I had much a sweet tooth, but this Costa Rican dessert blends salty and sweet flavours in the most exciting way, I just couldn’t get enough!

I am now, thank you very much, an expert in cooking ‘buñuelos en miel’, an amazing dessert that is normally eaten around Semana Santa (Easter, or Holy Week). The buñuelos are made from a tantalizing mixture of maize flour, cheese, sour cream and eggs and then deep fried before being coated in a delicious syrup made from melting tapa de dulce, the purest form of unrefined cane sugar, with cinnamon and water. I would go into the method and exact measurements in detail but then I would have to kill you. This recipe is too good to hand out willy nilly.

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  1. Fiona Bailey permalink

    I’m wondering…could the ‘normally eaten around…’ be extended to Christmas-time? Sounds like a perfect alternative to Christmas Pud to me…

    Go on, send us the recipe… I promise I’ll eat it, along with the buñuelos en miel, immediately after reading…

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