Double Trouble in South Africa… Meet the New Kittens on the Block!

24/07/2015 - Jessica Whyte

Have you ever set eyes on a baby serval cat before? No? Well now you can feast your eyes on not one, but TWO beautiful serval kittens! Servals are medium-sized wild cats, native to Africa: These unbelievably cute twin boys were recently born at the wonderful wildlife sanctuary we work with, near Port Elizabeth in South Africa. The sanctuary volunteers have already fallen in love with them and now you can too!


These mischievous little cats were born to two of the sanctuary’s young adult servals, Roo and Charlie. They were a bit of a surprise package! Roo wasn’t quite ready for her new mum role, so the sanctuary staff and volunteers stepped in and have been busy helping to rear these tiny beauties…bless.


FB_IMG_1437642353076The serval kittens are growing well and are seriously cheeky chappies, loving nothing better than playing with and climbing over the volunteers – it’s safe to say they’ve got everyone under their thumb already! We think you’ll agree that these gorgeous kittens are a good reason to go all gooey-eyed. Welcome to the world little ones. Altogether now….aaaaaaaahhhhh!


DSC_0543Want to see more of these cuties? Visit them on our Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteer programme!