Dream job for Graduates and school leavers

24/08/2011 - admin

Today, Gap360 officially launches their recruitment drive for UK graduates and school leavers for a dream internship in one of four locations worldwide.

The company are looking for bright, articulate candidates for positions in Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. Successful candidates will be expected to blog, film and photograph their experience as they visit one or more of 80 gap  activities before the company offers them on general sale in October.

The company expects their interns to also have the confidence to interview project managers, tour operators and other travellers in one of  four locations worldwide and in return will cover the costs of flights and the gap experience itself.

Gap360 have timed the recruitment drive with the release of A-level results, as many 18 year olds are deciding their next steps. David Stitt, a successful travel entrepreneur and co-founder of Gap360 and explains “With high levels of unemployment for university and school leavers, gap years and internships are a fantastic way for people to break into their chosen careers. When looking for people to document their experience of gap360 trips it only seemed right to offer these travel opportunities to interns.”

Employers and university administrators generally agree that a well organised gap trip, where participants are doing something connected with a future career, or helping an important cause, is beneficial. Jane McLellan, Operations Director at Gap360 explains “In today’s economic environment, graduates and school leavers need their CVs to stand-out. For this reason, we have created flexible gap trips of 2 to 52 weeks, focused on working abroad, volunteer work, learning new skills and teaching, as well as all the usual unforgettable fun of a gap year. ” Stitt adds “Invariably, parents find that their children return from their gap trips more mature and ready for life’s next phase.”

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