Enjoy your ideal gap year soundtrack with a Bassboomz speaker

24/09/2013 - Jessica Whyte

Fancy a handy new travelling companion on your gap year adventure?  Why not try taking the Bassboomz compact miniature speaker on your next gap trip abroad?  It’s the perfect pocket-sized addition to any gap year kit list, allowing you to take your favourite tunes with you everywhere you go on your round-the-world adventures. Whether you’re seeking paid work or fun in Australia, a wildlife adventure in Africa, volunteering opportunities abroad, bus tours in New Zealand, fun in Fiji, road trips in the USA, a travel treat in Thailand or an unforgettable gap year experience in South America, your Bassboomz can become your constant companion as you enjoy a personalised soundtrack to your own global voyage of discovery.

Background-2Maximum volume, minimum baggage space, the Bassboomz speaker packs a real punch without taking up your valuable packing allowance, making it a don’t-miss travel-must on any gap traveller’s wish list.  At only 2 inches high and 2 inches in diameter, it’s easy to squeeze into any space in your backpack or suitcase as you set off to explore the globe on your gap year!

Funky, stylish and colourful, the cylindrical Bassboomz speaker is ideally compatible with your smart phone or tablet, such as an i-phone or i-pad, and is easy to use, as it simply plugs in, connects up to Bluetooth and within minutes you’ll be listening to your favourite playlists anywhere in the world.  You can easily charge it up from a USB, from the mains or from your laptop, for an effortless music experience abroad.  You be blown away by the sound quality and volume that can come from such a small but perfectly formed package.  It’s the ideal traveller’s trump card in any social situation – a ready-made party playlist which can be enjoyed in the most far-flung and exotic destinations.

Imagine the scene… you’re in a hostel in New Zealand, hanging out with your new-found travelling friends enjoying an awesome Best of New Zealand tour, and all that’s missing is a bit of music to get the evening going.  Cue your Bassboomz – simply plug in, start it up and it’s an instant party!  How about starting a spontaneous Karaoke session on the beach in Thailand as you enjoy an amazing Thai Adventure gap trip?  Set up your speakers in the sand and sing along at the top of your lungs!  Camping with your group on fabulous Fraser Island on Australia’s Ultimate East Coast gap experience?  Liven up a quiet island evening with a spontaneous music session chilling around the campfire.  Does your San Francisco to New York Road Trip need the ultimate drivetime soundtrack?  Get the bus buzzing with some basslines from your Bassboomz and you’ll soon be known as the go-to music guru on your gap adventure trip.

Enjoy a whole gap year’s worth of your favourite music packed into one compact Bassboomz speaker and you can guarantee you’ll have a blast (with added bass!) on your gap adventure abroad!

Get yours here: http://www.bassbuds.co.uk/bluetooth-speakers/

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