Fiji tops your travel bucket lists!

09/04/2014 - Vicky Lessen

The launch of Gap 360’s bucket list competition saw over 1500 entrants within a matter of days. And who wouldn’t enter… with the chance to win your dream trip with no tricky questions to overcome… it’s a no brainer!

FJX (Mantaray Island)After the first week, we took a look at the results. Surprisingly the top of most peoples bucket lists is to “chill on the Fiji islands”! And who wouldn’t want to do that… with the exquisite climate and beauty, these islands are a worldwide attraction and a place to really escape from the stresses of life (and top up your tan ;)).

A close second for the top spot was to “go on a safari”. So alongside chilling on a beach we want to get up close and personal with Africa’s finest wildlife. A chance to practice our best David Attenborough impressions! 

Other top choices were:

  • Travel along Route 66
  • Work and live abroad
  • Attend Rio Carnival

This shows us that our travel bucket lists contain a variety and mixture of experiences. That’s why Gap 360 caters to such a wide range of trips from volunteering to working holidays to fun and adventure travel. There is always something for everyone.

Did you know there is still time to enter! Don’t miss out on this fantastic competition, simply:

  1. Visit
  2. Pick your top 5 items from our list and submit your details
  3. Fingers crossed!

The winner will be announced on 2nd June 2014. Good luck!

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