First time travellers should attend Gap 360’s Free Safety & Survival Show

08/08/2013 - Vicky Lessen

A level results are being announced next week and there will be a number of students who will choose to take a gap year.  Why not? After working hard students deserve a break from traditional study.

Maria Miller, Basingstoke’s MP urged gap year students and travellers alike to take all the precautions necessary and prepare extensively to be safe abroad.

“It’s extremely important that Basingstoke residents take time to prepare properly before they travel abroad to ensure they have a safe trip this summer” – and we agree with you Maria! We believe everyone should take precautions!

First time travellers should attend Gap 360’s Free  Safety & Survival Show on September 14th 2013. The show will give budding travellers a thorough look at the risks they could come across whilst overseas from an experienced professional. Learn how to deal with climate changes, disease prevention, how to handle confrontation and much more! Meet Gap 360 travel advisors too! For more information about the show click here.

Gap years are a fantastic opportunity for people to gain confidence, skills and experience some amazing things. There are however a few sticky situations travellers can come across whilst abroad. These needn’t be a problem if you are prepared.

Basingstoke’s MP said: “If you are a student or young person who has never travelled before, it is particularly important to have a look at travel advice…” – again Maria we concur. Avoid the pitfalls and book a Free Gap 360 Safety & Survival Show ticket!

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