Getting Ready – 20 days till Aus!

07/12/2012 - Madeleine Carter

20 Days to go!

As of the 27th of December I will be heading off to Australia for 3 months! And not just for 3 months of casual chilling Aussie style, oh no, I’m off to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Uluru, Cairns then back down to Sydney via Brisbane, Fraser Island, Whitsunday Islands… and all else that’s in between!

This is my first time travelling but I’m surprisingly not too worried… Of course the fact that I am travelling with 3 of my really close friends does help. Between the 4 of us limitless “to do” lists have been made, planning sessions arranged and innumerable potential itineraries put forward and finally- we have reached the home stretch.

We got our flights sorted out early and as we will be there over new years (a very very popular time to be in Sydney!) we have got that accommodation sorted too. We have booked our programmes, and insurance (something I very nearly forgot was necessary…), with Gap 360, got our visas, and now all that’s left is the packing…

I’ve never been good at travelling light so this could be a challenge in its self!

Can’t wait to be there!

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