I want to volunteer in Africa – what can I do?!

20/07/2017 - admin

Wildlife conservationist treating rhino

Volunteering is an incredible way to experience life in Africa. Helping out in an African community gives you a unique insight into local life, and you’ll be making a real difference, which is not only super-rewarding, but also a nice CV-boost too!

Check out our top volunteer opportunities in Africa:


Africa is home to some incredible creatures, including lions, leopards, rhinos and elephants. Conservation is very important to maintain these species and their habitats. Whether you’re volunteering on a South African wildlife sanctuary, or monitoring the Big 5 in a National Park, Africa is the perfect place to make a difference as a wildlife volunteer.


Helping kids in a community is one of the most rewarding ways to volunteer. You’ll form strong connections with the children and see the results of your work instantly in their smiling faces! Why not volunteer in an orphanage in Tanzania, teach kids in Ghana, or help out a community in Cape Town? You’ll never regret it!


Sport is hugely important in Africa. However, very often children do not have access to decent sports facilities or regular training sessions. By becoming a sports coach in South Africa, Ghana or Malawi, you’ll not only be improving kids’ lives by teaching them team skills and getting them off the streets, but you might just be coaching one of Africa’s future sports stars!


If you are a medical student, a volunteer placement in Africa is a fantastic way to get experience on the ground and widen your knowledge in real life situations. We have medical placements available in Malawi and Ghana. See the world, meet new people, and boost your experience! Perfect!


If veterinary science is more your thing, why not get some unbeatable experience in South Africa? Our African Pre-Vet Experience gives you hands-on experience with incredible wildlife on South Africa’s Eastern Cape. You’ll learn about domestic animals, livestock and exotic beasts and get practical experience as you help a team of professionals care and monitor these awesome creatures. Plus, in your free time you can explore SA. Ideal!

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