Intelligent Pelican kits take the hassle out of travel

16/09/2014 - Jessica Whyte

Can’t wait to go travelling, but don’t want to worry about the practicalities? Take the hassle out of travel with the handy, lightweight and high-quality Intelligent Pelican travel kit.

Ideal if space is at a premium in your backpack, the Intelligent Pelican kit comes with its own neat drawstring bag to carry all these useful items in together. Weighing in at less than 1kg, this travel pack makes the perfect, lightweight addition to any kit list.

Gap 360 offer an amazing 15% off the Intelligent Pelican travel kit for any customers travelling on one of our gap travel programmes – travel-tastic!

This brilliant little travel pack consists of six sleek and compact items which are essential for any serious traveller:

Sleep in style

Got a sense of adventure, but don’t want to sleep in less-than-fresh hostel sheets? The Intelligent Pelican kit comes with a premium rip-stop silk sleeping bag liner, complete with double stitching and an integrated pillow cover. It comes in a handy bag and folds down to a remarkably small size. With anti-mosquito, bedbug and bacteria treatment included, this sleeping bag liner is perfect for making sure you keep away unwanted pests and always sleep in comfort, cleanliness and style!

Stay dry abroad

Want a fold-down travel towel to whip out of your backpack? Dry yourself down wherever you are in the world with Intelligent Pelican’s anti-bacterial, microfibre towel which packs away in a useful, sandwich-sized case. This quick-dry, super-absorbent towel folds out to be the size of a bath towel, making it a must-have addition to any traveller’s kit list. Whether you’re in a hostel bathroom or have just taken a dip in a waterfall, this soft travel towel will come in useful for a speedy dry-down abroad.

The travel spark

Don’t let a pesky power socket ruin your round-the-world adventure, let Intelligent Pelican’s universal adaptor do the hard work! The lightweight adaptor is no bigger than an apple, but it has several cleverly-hidden plug settings which can be used in over 150 countries. Not only that, but it also comes with two USB ports, making it the most useful gadget any intrepid traveller could wish to take with them on their journey.

Portable power

One of the perils of travelling to amazing, remote places or taking long journeys is that your phone, camera or mp3 player are bound to run out of power at a crucial moment. The Intelligent Pelican kit comes with a fantastic external charger, which gives up to 6 hours charge time and can be used to power up your gadgets just when you need them most. Ideal on those long, overnight bus or train rides or when you’re camping off the beaten track.

Light up your life

You might not think that the one thing you couldn’t do without when you’re abroad is light, but you’d be surprised how often you are left in the dark. Whether it’s camping in a remote area, finding the perfect beach party, going on a night trek, reading on the night train, negotiating your way through dark streets or just dealing with a power cut, a torch is a must-have for any traveller. The Intelligent Pelican pack comes with a handy little headlamp which can be used in any eventuality. With a 50-metre beam, a 90 degree angled lamp and a two-setting torch which lasts up to 8 hours, this beam shines a light into all the corners of the world.

Don’t lose it, lock it!

Security is always a top travel consideration, and we always recommend that our customers take a padlock with them to keep their belongings safe. The Intelligent Pelican kit comes with a 4-digit lock and extra-strong, double-loop cable, making it the king of padlocks. You can secure your belongings when in hostel dorms or on overnight journeys, sleeping safe in the knowledge that the durable lock will keep your stuff out of harm’s way.

The Intelligent Pelican kits are great value for money at only £125. Gap 360 is offering an awesome 15% off the Intelligent Pelican travel kit for any customers travelling on one of our gap travel programmes. Snap up yours today!

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