Jobs in Australia looking good

16/07/2012 - David Stitt

Our office in Sydney reports that there are still good prospects for young people heading to Australia hoping to find work to help cover their travelling expenses.

Despite the poor global economic news, Australia is not suffering too badly, and our Gap 360 travellers are finding work pretty easy to obtain. The wages are not too bad either, with £13 an hour on average.

There is a wide range of jobs available too, and provided you are not too fussy about what you do, you can be pretty certain to find employment.

In order to work legally, you need a working holiday visa. This is available to Brits and certain other nationalities, age 18-30, and is good for a year. Certain conditions apply, and you can only have one such visa in your lifetime.

Once you have your visa, you can simply buy a ticket and rock up in Sydney, but a much better way to go is to book the Gap 360 Absolute OZ programme and you get a whole heap of extras, plus airport transfers, accommodation, all the legal niceties like a tax-file number and bank account sorted, job interview training and a series of job interviews set-up for you.

Plus, you get a week of social activities, excursions and fun stuff to help you get settled in.

And, an added bonus…depart the UK this autumn, and you will arrive to greet the Spring in Australia, with temps in the 20’s and 30’s and hardly any clouds!!

Now how good is that? And what…are you waiting for?

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