Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2018

25/10/2017 - admin

The Lonely Planet has just released their ‘Best in Travel 2018’ guide. The international travel advice giants have picked their favourite destinations for 2018, and it’s hard to disagree with them! From South America to Asia, they really have picked the very best of the best.

Read on to find out which countries made it into their Top 10 and how you can tick them off your Bucket List…

1. Chile

Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2018 - Chile

Dazzling, dramatic, and diverse, Chile is an irresistible playground for the adventurous backpacker. From the colourful coastal city of Valparaiso, to the otherworldly beauty of the Atacama Desert, Chile has something for everyone. Discover Chile for yourself on our South America Journey.

2. South Korea

South Korea

Sometimes overlooked, South Korea is an enchanting Asian country with vibrant cities and a delicate beauty. Whether you’re wandering the sprawling metropolis of Seoul or hiking in its gorgeous national parks, South Korea ticks all the boxes. Spend a year teaching English in the country with our Paid Teaching In South Korea package.

3. Portugal


A little closer to home, Portugal nabs the third spot, and it’s easy to see why. With beautiful beaches and sizzling cities, Portugal is a travel paradise. Check it out with our Europe Explorer Pass.

 4. Djibouti

Djibouti desert

Djibouti is pretty tiny (just 9000 square miles), but it is full of stunning landscapes and exotic cities. Imagine vast deserts, crunchy salt lakes and noisy market places. A definite addition to the bucket list.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand Kiwi Crossing

No mystery why this stunning country has made the top 10. Devastatingly beautiful countryside, perfect lakes, mighty mountains, super-trendy cities, and a buzzing backpacker vibe to boot. Explore it all using our Kiwi Discovery Pass, or live and work in the country for up to 12 months on our Absolute NZ Jobs programme.

 6. Malta


Unbelievably blue seas, ancient ports, dreamy coastlines and a fascinating history. Malta might be a mini archipelago, but it’s jam packed full of glorious hidden treasures.

 7. Georgia

Georgia, Alazani

Georgia is like a snapshot of a bygone age. Cattle graze on green fields in the shadow of mountain peaks. Church bells toll and echo around the valleys. Vineyards blanket the mountain slopes. A must-see.

 8. Mauritius

Mauritius beach

Mauritius is the epitome of beach paradise. This gorgeous island is all lush forests, turquoise waters and sugary white-sand beaches. Pure bliss.

9. China

Great Wall of China

China is everything you’d imagine it to be and more. Impressive cities, staggering history and culture and blissful natural beauty. It’s also home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World: The Great Wall of China. See China in a flash on our 9-day Beijing to Shanghai tour or take your time on our epic 27-day China Adventure.

10. South Africa

South Africa

Recipe for an awesome country: Incredible wildlife, spectacular natural landscapes and one of the world’s greatest road trip routes: The Garden Route. South Africa is a true travel wonder. Meet its wonderful wildlife on our South Africa Wild Adventure or discover the Garden Route on our Kruger & Garden Route Explorer!

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