Surviving Oktoberfest

22/03/2017 - admin

It might still be 6 months away but we are already getting excited, because let’s face it – Oktoberfest is the greatest! Gallons and litres and pints of delicious German beer; salty pretzels, tasty meats; drunken dancing and singing – what more could you want?

Of course, a festival that is mainly about drinking loads of beer can easily go wrong…If you’re not careful, your Oktoberfest might turn into an Oktober-mess!

To ensure you have the best time possible, follow our top Oktoberfest tips before heading to the beer halls!

  • Enjoy the beer!

After all – that’s what you’re here for! The beer is beautiful and Bavarian, and according to purity laws only contains water, hops, malt, and no preservatives or chemicals! Pace yourself though – this is a marathon, not a sprint!

  • Drink water!

Make sure you’re taking in plenty of water between all the beer swilling! Drink a few pints of water in the morning and before bed. Drinking water between beers is also a great way to fend off nasty hangovers!

  • Eat some food.

For two reasons: firstly, because it’s so tasty – Oktoberfest sure knows how to do food. But secondly, you’ll need something to soak up all that delicious beer we mentioned!

  • Get some sleep.

Don’t burn out too quickly! It might be tempting to party for as long as you can, but pace yourself. It’s better that way! No-one likes a yawner in the beer halls!

  • Stay warm!

Munich in late September/early October can get cold. Yes, you’ll have that beer blanket effect, but a jumper will go a long way too!

  • Stay with your friends.

Look after each other and make sure you leave together! Don’t accidentally stumble into the wrong place after a night of beering!

  • Ride on the rides.

Not really a safety tip but trust us. They’re awesome!

Fancy hitting Oktoberfest this year? Plan in advance to avoid disappointment because this awesome festival always sells out early! Check out all the details (including accommodation, food included and how to get unlimited beer!) here.