The world’s must-drink bars!

30/05/2017 - admin

There’s nothing greater than sitting down with a round of drinks after a day of exploration and adventure. But what if your drinking experience could be an adventure in itself? We’ve compiled a list of our favourite bars from around the world that make drinking epic!

Icebar: Stockholm, Sweden

This bar is cool. Really cool. In fact it’s bloomin’ freezing! Drinks are served in massive ice cubes, the bar is an ice block, and the temperature inside sits at around -5 degrees C. On arrival, you’re given a specially lined jacket complete with fluffy hood, and you have to walk through an airlock door that maintains the temperature. Once inside you can sip on a drink and ignore your chattering teeth. 30 minutes is about all you can take. Then the bar crawl can continue!

Pelican Bar: Negril, Jamaica

From a freezing bar to a bar out at sea! Named after the pelicans that hang out near the place, this rickety looking shack in the middle of the ocean has bags of charm. The only way out there is by boat, and once you arrive you’ll meet local fisherman and travellers alike, all sipping on cold beers and swapping stories. You can visit Pelican Bar as part of our Jamaica Encompassed tour.

Alux Caverna: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

This restaurant and bar is an extraordinary underground experience. Stalactites and stalagmites appear and disappear in the flickering candle light, while people drink and explore the caves. An unmissable experience in Mexico. (Why not hit it up on our Mexico Adventure?)

Alcatraz E.R., Japan, Tokyo

From cat and penguin bars to Super Mario themed pubs, Tokyo has some crazy places to grab a drink. For sheer weirdness though, Tokyo’s Alcatraz themed bar wins hands down. The décor is a mix of horrific prison and spooky hospital, and you can expect to drink out of decapitated mannequin heads and sit in cell block booths. A truly unique experience! Check it out on our Japan Adventure!

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