Working Holidays Q&A – Facebook Summary

31/07/2014 - Georgia Wilson

I thought I would summarise our recent working holidays Facebook Q&A below… if there was anything or anyone I missed please email me: [email protected].


Q: Can you get jobs in other cities in Australia or is it just Sydney?

A: Hey James, Yes you certainly can. There are jobs going all over the country and our jobs team is able to assist you wherever you are.

Q: Hi I’m booked for the 25th Jan I’m a qualified teacher and I was wondering would I still be able to do supply work in a school as well as maybe doing bar work at night?

A: Hey Jessica, Yes absolutely. There is only one rule with regards to work,  you can only work for the same employer for 6 months, so you can work for as many people as you like, however there is a maximum of 6 months that you can be employed by the same person.

(I imagine it’ll be a bit tiring though!)
Have you seen the work package we offer?

Q: If working in NZ or Aus after the 7 day accommodation runs out do we get help to find somewhere?

A: Yes you certainly do. The team is able to help you find somewhere to rent with the friends you’ve made through the package.
Rent in Australia is about £150 per week and in New Zealand about £100 per week.
You get as much help as you need

Q: Where is the best place to do a dive master internship?

A: The Great Barrier Reef!! If you have dived before we have a Dive Master Course that is 4 weeks long on the Barrier Reef.

Q: How do I get into a working holiday?

A To be eligible for the visa you must be aged 18 – 30 and have a British passport.
We’re able to get the visa for you, organise the work package, help with flights and travel insurance. Pretty much organise the whole thing for you so it’s super easy!

Q: I will be travelling before going to Australia so planning in advance before arrival won’t be so easy. Is it possible to visit one of your stores/branch’s in Australia to find work? Or will I have to do this over the phone?

A: The work package can be booked once you’re over there; however it will be subject to availability.

Q: I’m planning on going to America within the next year to work as an au pair, I was wondering what happens with laptops, bank account phone contracts etc do you get all of that over there or do you just use your UK accounts? 

A: Oh that’s great that you’re becoming an au pair with us!
Your bank account and phone will be sorted out with the family when you get there so they can pay your allowance straight into your account!
You probably want to take your own laptop as well, as you are going to be there for the year!

Q: Hey if I wanted to extent my working visa in Australia for a second year how easy would it be to do that?

A: If you would like to get a 2nd working holiday visa, you need to work in agriculture for 3 months during your stay. That’s any kind of farm work, fruit picking, ranch work etc..
Bit of an odd rule! However the Australian Immigration realised how many people desperately wanted the chance to stay longer and thought they’d use it to their advantage.

Our jobs team can help you find rural work if you would like to get the 2nd year visa

Q: Can you get a working visa for Oz/NZ when you’re 30??

A: Yes indeed you can get the visas up until you turn 31! Once you apply for the visa you have 1 year to use it and once you enter the country you have 1 year to be there!

Q: What are the best jobs to go for and what’s the best way to go about getting one as quick as possible? Where would you recommend? And what’s the average you could earn?

A: The most common jobs to get are things like waitressing, bar work, office admin, trades and labor, sales, farm work. Casual jobs are the most popular to get, as many people want to work and travel throughout the year.

Our work package is a really great way to get yourself started as they set you up with all the essentials, help you to meet people and find work and somewhere to live.

The minimum wage is around £13 per hour… not bad eh!

Q: How far in advance can you book the absolute oz?

A: There is no cut off point to book; however as it is our most popular package, availability runs out a few months in advance.
We already have lots of people booked for their trips in 2015, so it’s always good to organise it early J

Q: Hello is it quite easy to pick up a job in Oz?

A: Yes it is pretty easy to get work in Australia and we have a really great work package to help you get started: Absolute Oz

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